American Medical Terminology Free Exercises

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Components of a medical word (1), two combining forms and suffix
Components of a medical word (2), prefix, root and suffix
Dictation 1 Levels of Organization
Suffix Quiz
Prefix Quiz
Combining Form Quiz
Directional terms
Spelling exercise
Spelling Exercise 2
Word collection – colors
Combining form exercise (2)
Suffix exercise (2)
Matching medical terms to their definitions (1), Gynecology & Obstetrics
Matching medical terms to their definitions (2), Oncology
Matching medical terms to their definitions (3), Gastroenterology
Matching medical terms to their definitions (4)
Matching medical terms to their definitions (5)
Anatomy Exercise 1 (The Biliary System)
Anatomy Exercise 2 (The Blood)
Anatomy Exercise 3 (The Brain)
Anatomy exercise 4 (The Respiratory System)
Anatomy Quiz 1 (The Biliary System)
Anatomy Quiz 2 (The Blood)
Anatomy Quiz 3 (The Brain)
Anatomy Quiz 4 (The Respiratory System)
FlashCards Prefixes
FlashCards Suffixes
FlashCards Combining forms (The Digestive System)
Example animation (Levels of Organization)
Revision poster The large intestine
Multiple choice (in the style of AAMA CMA practice exams)

The medical terms used in these exercises are based on the type of self-assessment exercises in An Introduction to Medical terminology for Health Care

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