Comments from distance learners


“I enrolled on your course as a distance learner and found it extremely helpful”

NHS student, London

“I love your package, it really makes learning medical terminology more fun”

FE College student, Burton

“Thought you might like to know that I passed AMSPAR II with distinction”

NHS student, London

“The self assessments are invaluable and the dictation exercises brilliant. All in all the course is giving me the confidence that my (expensive) medical secretary course is not”.

Medical secretary, Ireland

“I have purchased the Medical Terminology.. it is the best …I am really happy with it… Do you sell any other?

USA Student

“I do feel the website has been of great benefit to me as a learning tool and I hope to continue to improve”

MT student, Bucks

“I’m really enjoying your fantastic programme. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it and for making it great value for money.”

USA student

“I was attracted to the interactive exercises.They resonated with my style of learning, made the learning fun and made sense of the formation of words.The repetition is great in order to learn the terms like the back of my hand. “

Canada student