Pocket Medical Terminology (Second Edition) by Andrew R. Hutton


Pocket Medical Terminology (Second Edition) by Andrew R. Hutton


ISBN: 978-0-7020-7969-6

Pub:Elsevier Churchill Livingstone

Pocket Medical Terminology is a new compilation of medical terms associated with specific body systems and medical specialities. It works like a dictionary and helps the reader to find medical words associated with a specific medical speciality.

At the beginning of each section there are reference guides and anatomical diagrams that direct the reader to relevant pages. The presentation has the advantage of enabling the reader to find a medical word root from its common name and vice versa. The systemic arrangement provides students and medical personnel working in a particular speciality with an easy and effective method of deciphering all medical terms relevant to their field of study.This pocket book provides an additional resource for all healthcare professionals including nursing students, medical students, medical secretaries and transcriptionists, and health service administrators wishing to improve their knowledge of medical terminology.


  • convenient for the pocket or bag
  • a systemic approach to understanding medical terms
  • more than 8300 definitions
  • easy referencing and word analysis
  • associates anatomy with medical terminology
  • relevant to all areas of medicine and allied professions
  • a valuable resource for all healthcare personnel

New to this second edition:

  • a list of common words associated with each body system
  • new diagrams
  • a comprehensive list of common abbreviations and acronyms
  • a comprehensive glossary of medical word components
  • appendices containing units of measurement, reference values of body fluids, chemical symbols and names of surgical procedures
  • updated medical terms

This book is appropriate for:

medical reference
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